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      • Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives by Elder Thaddeus

        "If thoughts that take away our peace assail us, know that they are from hell." "Prayer from the heart is sincere prayer. Always pray to the Lord from your heart. The Lord does not require philosophy from us. We should pray from the heart, as to our Father: 'O Lord,...

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    We would like to welcome the Orthodox Christian community to a new supply source for church goods and supplies. Our goal is to supply churches, church organizations and private individuals with quality items that pertain to the heritage and culture of the Orthodox Church at a competitive rate. There is a multitude of items from Russia, Ukraine, Greece, the Balkans and elsewhere that could help serve the Orthodox community of North America.

    Synod Supply is also a purveyor of rare antiquities and collectibles gathered from all over the world with the intent of re-introducing sacred artifacts back into the life of the Orthodox community.

    Please visit us at www.synod-supply.com or 75 East 93rd Street, New York, NY 10128.

    Suppliers and wholesalers are welcome.

    Thank you.

    Synod Store Management